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YOU can learn how to juggle!

Yes! You can learn to juggle. Hello, my name is John Mitskus, and if you can pass the "POTENTIAL JUGGLER TEST," then I can teach you to juggle! How long will it take you to learn? That depends alot on what type of juggling you want to learn, how often you diligently practice and also your age can be a factor. Yes, age seems to be a factor. You see, children that I've instructed in juggling, who are in grades 1st to 4th, take months to learn. However, the adult helpers usually learn a juggling pattern called "the cascade" within 2 lessons! There are exceptions, where 5 year olds learn juggling almost instantly and in no time at all are performing on stage, but this is very rare. I think the best age to start learning to juggle is twelve and older--but, of course, no one is discouraged or turned away.

The Potential Juggler Test:

Can you learn to juggle? Take this test to find out. Take a ball, any ball you can easily hold in your hand (tennis ball, racket ball, base ball, orange, apple, etc.). Hold the ball in your right hand and toss it straight up in the air about 30 inches and catch it in your right hand. Then toss the ball in an arc over to your left hand--where the top of the arc is about 30 inches from your hands--toss the ball straight up and catch it again in your left hand. Now toss the ball in an arc back to your right hand. Were you successful? Then you can learn to juggle! What if you dropped the ball? Just pick it up and try again. Even if it takes you a number of tries to do the test successfully you can still learn to juggle!

How to get started with juggling lessons for your group:

The juggling lessons are for groups, not individuals. The area served is Orange county, the 562 area code area of Los Angeles, and the central Los Angeles area.

Here are the steps to follow to get your group lessons started:

1) First, have a group of people who want to learn to juggle AND decide what type of juggling lessons your group wants--SCARF JUGGLING, JOCOPA SKILLS, PARTNER JUGGLING, or SOLO JUGGLING SKILLS.

2) Have a place to meet.

3) Contact John to set up when, and how often to meet.

4) Get information from John about what juggling equipment needs to be aquired before the lessons can start.

Contact me by the e-mail address below:

To buy juggling equipment, I recommend this site: